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Clearance Coffees

ASCI Ref.OriginQualityCertification(s)BagsPack TypeLocation
P31378BrazilSpecialty Natural 17/18 Screen Santa Cristina FarmORG175VIDEPLASTAfloat
P30441Brazil2/3's SSFC 17/18 Cerrado Natural5AnnexView PDF
P31273CBrazilNY 2 17/18 SS FC Cerrado Natural306Annex
P30341BrazilPulped Natural Natural Catuai, 1050 masl, Alto Caparao4GPAnnex
P31414BrazilNY 2 17/18 SS FC Cerrado Natural205Shipping Jan '17
P31359BrazilSpecialty Natural 17/18 Screen Santa Cristina FarmORG325VIDEPLASTShipping Jan '17
P31303BurundiKarehe - IWCA Women's Cooperative - Busiga Bourbon FW175GPAnnex
P31304BurundiKinyovu- IWCA Women's Cooperative - Matongo Bourbon FW14GPAnnex
P30378ColombiaExcelso EP Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta - ONACAORG, RFA137GPAnnexView PDF
P30800ColombiaExcelso EP Huila65AnnexView PDF
P30730ColombiaSupremo 17/18 Screen Antioquia185AnnexView PDF
P30997ColombiaExcelso EP Antioquia EP 10% SMS Traceable77EBL
P30755ColombiaExcelso EP Huila275Green Room
P30845ACosta RicaSHB EP "La Reserva Presidente"24AnnexView PDF
P31183Costa RicaSHB EP "La Reserva Presidente"50AnnexView PDF
P31247Costa RicaSHB EP "La Reserva Presidente"275AnnexView PDF
P31220Costa RicaSHB EP Tarrazu Micro Mill : La Cabana "Black Honey"29GPAnnexView PDF
P31221Costa RicaSHB EP Tarrazu Micro Mill: RyS, "Black Honey Process"48GPAnnexView PDF
P31248Costa RicaSHB EP Tarrazu "La Capilla"76AnnexView PDF
P31345Costa RicaSHB EP Tarrazu "La Capilla"275AnnexView PDF
P30608Decaf BrazilMC Process136Annex
P29867Decaf ColombiaExcelso EP Mountain Water ProcessRFA48Annex
P30609Decaf Colombia"Pacande" MC Process54Annex
P30769Decaf Colombia"Pacande" MC Process31Annex
P30228Decaf Costa RicaMC Process66Annex
P30770Decaf Costa RicaMC Process66Annex
P31438Decaf GuatemalaMC Process82Shipping Jan '17
P30673Decaf MexicoFinca "EL Chorro" HG EP Mountain Water ProcessORG1Annex
P31140Decaf MexicoChiapas: Sierra and La Frailesca, HG EP Mountain Water ProcessFT, ORG, SMBC32Annex
P31437Decaf Papua New GuineaWau Plantation A/X Mountain Water ProcessORG155Shipping Mar '17
P29828Decaf SumatraMC Process10Annex
P30506Decaf SumatraMC Process37Annex
P30772Decaf SumatraMC Process48Annex
P30574EthiopiaSidamo Grade 2 BewayeORG104AnnexView PDF
P30823EthiopiaYirgacheffe Kochere Grade 1249ECOTACTAnnexView PDF
P31288EthiopiaSidamo Grade 2ORG, RFA320ECOTACTAfloat
P31322FloresGrade 1 "Blue Dragon" - NgadaORG, RFA317GPAnnexView PDF
P30302GuatemalaHuehuetenango SHB EP "Palmira"236AnnexView PDF
P30725GuatemalaHuehuetenango SHB EP "Palmira"144AnnexView PDF
P30385GuatemalaSHB EP ASDECAFE - Huehuetenango and QuicheFT45AnnexView PDF
P30542GuatemalaSHB EP ASDECAFE - Huehuetenango and QuicheFT, ORG215AnnexView PDF
P30543GuatemalaSHB EP ASDECAFE - Huehuetenango and QuicheFT, ORG220AnnexView PDF
P30945GuatemalaSHB EP AprocafeORG256Annex
P30724GuatemalaHuehuetenango SHB EP "Palmira"251EBL-LAView PDF
P31435GuatemalaSHB EP275Port Logistics
P31361GuatemalaSHB EP275Port Logistics
P30808HondurasSHG EP238Annex
P30797HondurasSHG EP Region : Tojes el Paraíso275EBL
P30809HondurasSHG EPRFA45EBL-LA
P31419HondurasSHG EP Las CapucasFT, ORG273Shipping Dec '16
P31191IndiaPlantation B Washed 75% on Sc. 15248Annex
P31193IndiaPlantation B Washed 75% on Sc. 15RFA20Annex
P31192IndiaRobusta Cherry AB Sc.1515Annex
P31291JavaEstate Blawan210AfloatView PDF
P31446JavaPrivate Estate Sunda Supreme50GPShipping Dec '16
P30868KenyaAuction Lot AA Gakui11GPAnnexView PDF
P30869KenyaAuction Lot AA Gakundu44GPAnnexView PDF
P31373KenyaAA Kiunyu45VACPACK BOXESAnnex
P30626KenyaAB Plus9Annex
P30627KenyaAB Plus164EBL
P31141MexicoUCOAAC Co-op Chiapas: Sierra and La Frailesca, HG EPFT, ORG, SMBC100Annex
P30332MexicoSHG EP UNECAFE Oaxaca HG EPFT, ORG41Annex
P30667MexicoSHG EP Grapos ChiapasFT, ORG44AnnexView PDF
P29916AMexicoSHG EP Custepec "S"48AnnexView PDF
P31368MexicoSHG EP95GPAnnex
P31275MexicoSHG EP Chiapas Screen 15+102EBL-LA
P30907NicaraguaSHG EPFT274Green Room
P31301Papua New GuineaPlantation A/X Keto TapasiFT, ORG320GPAfloat
P30576Papua New GuineaPlantation A/X "Wau SmallHolders"51GPAnnexView PDF
P30659Papua New GuineaPlantation A/X Ulya Plantation232GPAnnexView PDF
P31011Papua New GuineaPlantation A/X "Wau SmallHolders"ORG5GPAnnexView PDF
P31120Papua New GuineaPlantation A/X "Wau SmallHolders"ORG289GPAnnexView PDF
P30318Papua New GuineaPlantation A/X Kimel Estate176AnnexView PDF
P31410Papua New GuineaPlantation A/X "Mt. Jabara"300Shipping Jun '17
P31411Papua New GuineaPlantation A/X "Mt. Jabara"300Shipping Sep '17
P31431Peru"El Palto" SHG/EPFT, ORG275ECOTACTShipping Jul '17
P31173SumatraMandheling Grade 1 Kopepi Ketiara Coop - Aceh, GayoFT, ORG236AnnexView PDF
P31168SumatraMandheling Grade 1 Golden GayoORG, RFA15GPAnnexView PDF
P31169SumatraMandheling Grade 1 Golden Gayo157GPAnnex
P31283SumatraMandheling Grade 1 Golden GayoORG, RFA320GPAnnexView PDF
P31447SumatraLintong Grade 1 Batak Sc 15-18100GPShipping Dec '16
P31445SumatraMandheling Grade 1 Black Pather Triple Picked Wet Hulled100GPShipping Dec '16
P30919VietnamRobusta Wet Polished Grade 1 Screen 16136Annex

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