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* Please note that all availability is subject to final confirmation. For “live-time” availability please call. Thank you!


BrazilNY 2 , 17/18, SSFCP282808OaklandAnnex
NY 2 , 17/18, SSFCP29765320OaklandAnnex
2/3 MTGBP28117271OaklandEast Bay Logistics * Discount
2/3 MTGBP28118320OaklandEast Bay Logistics * Discount
BurundiMpanga Washing StationP29873320OaklandAfloat
ColombiaExcelso epP2795624SeattleGreen Room
Medellin Supremo 17/18P2795953OaklandAnnex
Excelso epP282774OaklandAnnex
Excelso epP2978095OaklandAnnex
Excelso Huila epP29829275OaklandAnnex
Huila Supremo 17/18P29188274OaklandAnnex
Risaralda, Apia, Gautica Supremo 17/18 P29245274OaklandAnnex
Flor de Nariño " ep 5"P2879490OaklandAnnex
Costa Rica"La Reserva Presidente " SHB ep P29108275OaklandAnnex
"La Reserva Presidente " SHB ep P29111246OaklandAnnex
Tarrazu SHB epP29194265OaklandAnnex
Tarrazu SHB epP29278188OaklandAnnex
La Reserva Presdident SHB epP28621144OaklandAnnex
Aguilera Finca Licho Honey SHB epP2773935OaklandAnnex * Discounted
CoopeNaranjo , Honey Process SHB epP2968821OaklandAnnex * Discounted
El SalvadorFinca Noruega SHG epP2750128OaklandAnnex * Discounted
EthiopiaYirgacheffe Washed Grade 2P29814285OaklandAnnex
GuatemalaSHB EPP27911171PortlandCosta Oro
SHB EPP2802951OaklandAnnex
Finca La Provedencia SHB epP2883376OaklandAnnex
Huehue Palmira SHB epP29000271OaklandAnnex
Huehue Palmira SHB epP29001243OaklandAnnex
San Marcos, San Cristobal Cuchos, Barrancas SHBP287224OaklandAnnex
JavaBlawan EstateP2983675OaklandAnnex
Blawan EstateP29947300OaklandJanuary Delivery
Jampit EstateP29948300OaklandFebruary Delivery
KenyaAA FAQP2923128OaklandAnnex
AB PlusP2923223OaklandAnnex
AB Plus Kangocho 20P295065OaklandAnnex
MexicoChiapas , Finca Rancho Bonito SHG epP2819995OaklandAnnex
Custepec "S" Chiapas Estate SHG EPP28961250OaklandAnnex
Custepec "S" Chiapas Estate SHG EPP28960250OaklandAnnex
Custepec "S" Chiapas Estate SHG EPP2895567OaklandAnnex
Custepec "S" Chiapas Estate SHG EPP2895678OaklandAnnex
Custepec "S" Chiapas Estate SHG EPP28957500OaklandAnnex
Comalapa HG epP29084275OaklandAnnex
Comalapa HG epP29086255OaklandAnnex
Comalapa HG epP28078275OaklandAnnex
Comalapa HG epP29099275OaklandAnnex
NicaraguaSegovia SHG EPP27613235SeattleGreen Room
Finca Buenos Aires Matagalpa SHG epP2770034OaklandAnnex
Segovia SHG epP2740879OaklandAnnex
Segovia SHG epP28935150OaklandAnnex
"Diamond Hybrid" SHG epP28758210OaklandAnnex
Las Segovias - Essencia Estate SHG epP29894150OaklandAnnex
Adan Castillo SHG epP2989530OaklandAnnex
Adonis Ortiz SHG EPP2989640OaklandAnnex
Juan Ramon Diaz SHG EPP2989740OaklandAnnex
Henry Hueck - Direct Source, Los Compadres SHG EPP29946/30OaklandAnnex
Papua New GuineaPlantation A/XP29597267OaklandAnnex
Kimel Estate XP29274199OaklandAnnex
PeruMCM HBP2741240SeattleGreen Room * Discounted
SumatraMandheling Grade 1P29411320OaklandAnnex
Mandheling Grade 1P30049320OaklandAnnex
Mandheling Grade 1P30036320OaklandEBL
Aceh Golden Gayo Grade 1P29727291OaklandAnnex

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DECAFBrazilKVW Methyl ChlorideP28857103OaklandAnnex
ColombiaKVW Methyl Chloride Supremo 17/18P273883SeattleGreen Room
KVW Methyl Chloride "Pacande"P28858120OaklandAnnex
Costa RicaKVW Methyl Chloride Process SHB EPP2807332OaklandAnnex
KVW Methyl Chloride Process SHB EPP29047136OaklandAnnex
GuatemalaKVW Methyl Chloride ProcessP2904668OaklandAnnex
IndonesiaSumatra KVW Methyl Chloride ProcessP2807218OaklandAnnex
Sumatra KVW Methyl Chloride ProcessP29045129OaklandAnnex
MexicoMWP Prime WashedP2860517OaklandAnnex
MWP Prime WashedP29116150OaklandAnnex
MWP Prime WashedP29117150OaklandAnnex

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SUSTAINABLEChinaManlao River , Yunnan, Organic P2995520OaklandJanuary Shipment
Manlao River , Yunnan, Organic P2911210OaklandApril Shipment
ColombiaSantander, La Pradera Estate, Organic / Rainforest Alliance , 100 % Castillo, Sun Dried , 24 hour FermentationP29880177OaklandDecember Shipment
GuatemalaAAPOSA Atilan SHB epP29933250OaklandMarch Shipment
AAPOSA Atilan SHB epP29934250OaklandMay Shipment
HondurasSanta Rosa de Copan "Las Capucas" Organic / Rainforest AllianceSHG epP2937029OaklandAnnex
Santa Rosa de Copan "Las Capucas" Organic / Rainforest Alliance SHG epP293387OaklandAnnex
Santa Rosa de Copan "Las Capucas" Organic SHG epP2911938OaklandAnnex
Santa Rosa de Copan "Las Capucas" Organic SHG epP30037275OaklandJanuary Shipment
Santa Rosa de Copan "Las Capucas" Organic SHG epP30040275OaklandFebruary Shipment
IndonesiaFlores Bajawa Organic / Rainforest Alliance "WET HULLED" Grade 1P3004550OaklandAnnex
MexicoOaxaca ADOPTA Cafetal Organic HGP29647275OaklandAnnex
Hacienda Miravalles Organic, SMBCP29121124OaklandMarch Shipment
Hacienda Miravalles Organic, SMBCP29122250OaklandApril Shipment
Hacienda Miravalles Organic, SMBCP29123250OaklandMay Shipment
PeruQuillabamba Organic HB Grade 1P29673204OaklandAnnex
Papua New GuineaWau Smallholders A/X OrganicP29174120OaklandAnnex
Keto Tepasi, Fair Trade/Organic A/XP2923340OaklandAnnex
Decaf MWP Wau Smallholders A/X OrganicP2885140OaklandAnnex
SumatraAceh Organic / Rainforest Alliance Grade 1P29169166OaklandAnnex
Gayo Mandiri , Fair Trade / OrganicP2984125OaklandAnnex
Gayo Mandiri , Fair Trade / OrganicP2997325OaklandAfloat
Gayo Mandiri , Fair Trade / OrganicP30047250OaklandAfloat

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